Suzanne started her dance practice with classical ballet at the age of seven under the tutelage of Ms Sandra Ho. Over the 17 years of ballet training, she has since completed her Royal Academy of Dance Level 4 Diploma Advanced 2 certification and ventured into other genres such as contemporary, jazz and street dance. She worked under renowned teachers like Antonia Franceschi and Max Stone at the Peridance Capezio Centre, New York City where she was also selected to perform in the 2017 Brooklyn Young Artist Showcase Festival. As a performer, Suzanne is most inspired by the seamless flow of a moving body and experiments with speed and textures. She hopes to continue developing her artistic repertoire and create movements that people find beauty in.

Suzanne competes as part of an all-female dance crew, The Débutante. Under the mentorship of Amin Alifin, they have created a signature style which incorporates their various backgrounds and genres that they have been exposed to. This has earned the crew many titles locally and internationally including their most recent achievement as Champions at the All-Babes Cineleisure Dance Competition 2019 as well as semi-finalists in Season 6’s China’s Got Talent which they were invited to participate in.

Through it all, Suzanne also has 6 years of teaching experience, from choreographing for Primary school dance enrichment programmes and CCA dance clubs to teaching graded ballet classes. Her interest in the dancer’s anatomy and kinesiology grew the more she taught as she recognised the importance of a strong technical foundation for students to achieve their potential. Today, Suzanne focuses on allowing students to understand their bodies to dance and practise any performance sport safely and effectively.