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This programme selects gymnasts (4-8 years old) who showcase potential in Rhythmic Gymnastics and are able to commit to more regular trainings with a goal to compete internationally and excel in the sport. This class focusses on fine tuning a gymnasts’ skills & preparing the gymnast to excel in local & international competitions. The competitive programme aims to instill the values of excellence, empathy, team work, determination and responsibility for self in every gymnast.

Main Coach:


Basic techniques of the body would be reinforced and a progression of harder body and apparatus difficulties will be taught. 

Girls will learn their own choreographed routines to be prepared for both local and international competitions.

Eligible Competitions:  Stage 1-3 at Local competitions (National Championships), Age group competitions at International Competitions (min 1 a year).

Training Fees:

$450 / month - 2 sessions a week

$650 / month - 3 sessions a week

Pricing are subjected to GST


Selections are held every January & July, if interested please apply here :

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