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Suet Fen is currently a Social Sciences Undergraduate and an NROC qualified Rhythmic Gymnastics Coach. As an ex-Artistic and Rhythmic gymnast, she has learnt to combine skills from both performance sports to clinch numerous individual and group award for her schools. As a Rhythmic Gymnast from 2013-2016, her most prominent achievements include ranking 1st Individual-All- Around (IAA) for the Level 4 National Interschool Games and 11th Singapore Gymnastics Open Championship in 2014, as well as 1st IAA for the Level 5 National Interschool Games in 2015.


She strives to make gymnastics a fun and enriching activity for all girls by ensuring that the girls can challenge themselves during trainings. Suet Fen hopes for all gymnasts to take away life lessons that they will be able to apply outside the gymnasium.

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