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Su Wei has trained extensively in Classical Ballet and Rhythmic Gymnastics for the last 13 years. She has been a Rhythmic Gymnastics teaching assistant and instructor for the last 5 years in Malaysia and Singapore with certification in Pedagogy. She is currently a LASALLE Diploma in Dance level 3 student.


In her studies, she is also exposed to a wide range of dance styles such as Urban Dance, Jazz, Contemporary and various Asian dance forms. She also collaborated on projects with other disciplines such as film, fashion, and broadcast media to create original works. Su Wei has worked with international choreographers of different genres. Some of her recent performance includes Madison Bycroft Mollusk Theory: Soft Bodies at Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore, Whispers of the Ocean and Light to Night Festival at the Asian Civilisations Museum 2019.


Su Wei aspires to explore the possibilities of shifting perceptions in the audience with different modes of performance. She hopes to be able to inspire the younger generation of dancers and gymnasts to pursue their passion and to not be afraid of exploring possibilities.

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