Rhythm & Groove’s Elite Team was founded in April 2019 to provide 12 gymnasts the opportunity to train with a highly regarded international coach who would take our gymnasts to a higher level.


The Elite training programme focusses on ensuring the highest coaching standards and that every gymnast in the team is pushed to her fullest potential. The training programme teaches the gymnast values of excellence, integrity and determination which will ultimately help them to reach their ultimate goal of being a gymnast.

Training Times:

  1. Mondays 330-9pm

  2. Tuesdays 330-730pm

  3. Thursdays 330-9pm

  4. Fridays 330-730pm

  5. Saturdays 11am-3pm

  6. Sundays 1230-430pm

Minimum commitment: 5 times a week

Training Fees:

$1200 (5-6 times a week)

Main Coach:

Ballet Teacher:


  • Girls will be challenged with harder to execute body difficulties, apparatus techniques & routines. Girls will be guided to reach their fullest potential in this programme.

  • Ballet & Dance will be integrated into the syllabus. 

  • Eligible Competitions: Stage 1-3/ FIG categories at Local competitions (National Championships), Age group competitions/ FIG categories at International Competitions (minimum twice a year)


We hold selections every January & July, if interested please apply here :