3 hour beginner classes for girls aged 7-12 years. The Developmental classes aim to teach our gymnasts the fundamentals of Rhythmic Gymnastics, technique & poise. This class also teaches gymnasts perseverance, empathy and trains a gymnast to be responsible for herself during trainings. Gymnasts learn the National Programme for Levels in preparation for National Championships.

Training Times:

  • Fridays 6-9pm 

  • Saturdays 230-530pm

  • Sundays 230-530pm 

Training Fees:

$200/ month (1 day of training a week)

Main Coach:

Ms Suzanne Tan

Coach Ashley


Basic techniques of the body would be taught such as posture, balances, pivots and jumps. Basic manipulation of the apparatus would be taught with the ball and rope! 

Gymnasts will be taught the level 1 & 2 competition routine once her basic skills have been mastered and prepared for competitions. 

Eligible Competitions: Level 1-3 Programmes at Local competitions (National Championships)

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