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Dawn is a Business Management Degree graduate, also an MOE and NROC qualified Rhythmic Gymnastics Coach. She was a Rhythmic Gymnast from 2004 to 2012 and was part of the Singapore Rhythmic Gymnastics National Team (2007 to 2009). She has achieved several awards both nationally and internationally, such as the following:

Singapore Gymnastics Open Championship:
- 1st For Group Freehand & 2nd For Individual Rope (2008)

National Inter-School Rhythmic Gymnastics Competition:
- 3rd For Group Hoop Ball (2011) - B Div
- 2nd For Individual Ball & 3rd  for Freehand [Stage 3] (2010) - C Div
- 3rd For Individual Ball [Optional Category] (2009) - C Div 
- 2nd For Individual Ball & Hoop [Optional Category] (2008) - B Div 
- 2nd For Individual Rope (2007) - C Div
- 1st For Group Freehand (2005) - C Div

Dawn’s goal as a coach is to ensure that every child gets an equal opportunity to learn, grow and compete. She believes that no student should be left out or given up on due to their inabilities, if they are willing to learn. She aims to cultivate and instill confidence, perseverance and poise in her students; so that they can overcome any challenging situations effectively in their life.

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