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Ashley was a Rhythmic Gymnast from 2012-2019 and competed in various national and international competitions. She had achieved several awards both individually and for her school. Such as the following:


National Inter-School Rhythmic Gymnastics Competition:

- Participation for Level 3 Individual Hoop, A Division (2014)


Singapore Gymnastics Open Championship:

- 3rd Place for Level 3 Individual Freehand, Out-of-Age Category (2015)


Singapore Gymnastics National Championship:

- Participation for Level 3 Individual Freehand, Grading Category (2016)

- 3rd Place for Level 5B Individual Hoop, 13+ Age Category (2018)

- 3rd Place for Level 7 Individual Hoop, 16+ Age Category (2019)


Through the years of training, it has taught her to be more self-discipline, self-motivation, sense of adventure and perseverance. Therefore, with the passion of Rhythmic Gymnastics, she began her coaching journey at Rhythm and Groove in 2019, working with young gymnast to discover more about Rhythmic Gymnastics as I impart my knowledge to them. Ashley’s goal as a coach is to ensure that every child gets an opportunity to learn, grow and also help them to unlock their own potential. She aims to cultivate and instill confidence and determination in her students so that they can overcome any challenging situations in their life.


Today, Ashley is a registered NROC Rhythmic Gymnastics Coach and National Level 1 Judge with Singapore Gymnastics.

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